Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is the term used by professionals to describe a leak in a water line that runs below the floor of your home. The most common cause for a slab leak is the reaction between copper pipes and drinking water, but some cases can also be caused by poor installation, too much soldering flux, contact with rocks or rebar, and non-reamed pipes. When you have a leak in your home it is best to call a professional to get the job done. Attempting to fix your pipes with inexperience will cause more problems resulting in further damage of your home.

Symptoms of a Slab Leak:
  • All the water in your home is off but you can still hear running water
  • An unusual hot spot in the floor
  • The walls or floors are developing cracks
  • Excessive mildew or moisture under your carpets
  • Unusually high water bill- Although this is the result of any kind of leak, a slab leak is also a cause.

Repair Options

Depending on the severity of your slab leak. The price can be less than $1,500 or greater than $5,000. Repairing a slab leak is destructive and invasive to the floor of your home so it’s best to find a company with the least destructive procedures as possible.
  • Epoxy pipe coating: This option is best for pipes that have several small leaks.
  • Rerouting or pipe replacement: This is the most effective option for older homes. Especially if leaking is a common problem.
  • Spot repair: The most cost effective option for newer construction. This method involves opening the slab at the sight of the leak and repairing it from there.
Even if the slab leak in your home is minor, it should only be fixed by a professional. Visit this website for more information on slab leak repair in Carlsbad.


  1. I have never heard of a Slab Leak before but it is probably smart to know a little bit about it in case I ever have to deal with it. I am thinking about getting a leak detection device so I know when there is a problem in the house.


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