Tuesday, 16 June 2015

5 Reasons To Consider Emergency Plumbing

While there are many things you can do yourself when it comes to improving the state of your home, jobs that require a technician or specialist- such as plumbing- should always been done by a professional. Trying to do plumbing projects by yourself, especially in an emergency can and will lead to bigger problems. Plumbing is more than just toilets and sinks, it involves your water heaters and the gas sources in your home as well. Here are top five common plumbing emergencies that require a professional plumber.

1. Blocked or Clogged Toilets and Sinks

While some clogging and blockage issues can be cleared with a plunger or anti-clog solution, constant clogging or overflowing means there is a more serious problem in your pipes. Not only is constant overflowing gross, it causes damage to the floor and anything that might be around the floor of your bathroom. Trying to fix the problem yourself will likely move the blockage deeper into the pipes rather than actually fixing the issue.

2. Gas Leaks

A gas leak is a serious problem that can turn into a deadly situation if it is not properly taken care of. If you notice and eggy or sulfuric smell in your home, evacuate immediately and call a plumber. A gas leak should always be handled by a professional.

3. Burst and/or Frozen Pipes

During particularly cold weather, pipes can freeze over. In many cases, the water causes the pipes to burst. Trying to thaw out frozen pipes by yourself has potential to split the pipes instead of fixing the problem. In the event of frozen or burst pipes, call a plumber and close the main shutoff valve. Closing the main shutoff valve will prevent water puddles from damaging the walls and flooring of your home.

4. Broken or Malfunctioning Water Heater

It's a common problem to get into the shower only to discover that the water is ice cold. This is caused by a damaged or broken water heater. Always call a plumber in the event of a broken water heater because not only are they complicated, they are dangerous for inexperienced individuals to work on them.

5. Water Leaks

If you have been living in a home for a while or the home was already old when you moved in, then it is bound to have a water leak somewhere- especially if regular maintenance to the home hasn't been done. Ignoring a dripping faucet will cost you, so it's best to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Calling a plumber is the best solution because the leaking may have an underlying problem.

No matter what your plumbing needs may be, it is always best to get the help of professional because doing it yourself will only cost more time and money than it's worth. Visit this website for more information about emergency plumbing in San Marcos.

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