Wednesday, 15 July 2015

5 Reasons Why Restaurants Need Grease Trap Maintenance

Running a restaurant can be a lot of work, because you have to keep up with a wide variety of tasks and maintenance concerns while also managing a staff and keeping customers happy. It can be easy to lose sight of some long-term maintenance concerns in that environment, but that makes it even more important that you don’t.

The Reasons

Here are five good reasons why you should stay on top of your restaurant kitchen’s grease trap maintenance.
  • Reduced bacterial content in food
  • The law requires it
  • Buildup causes other maintenance problems
  • Cleaning lengthens the life of your wastewater system
  • It is great for the environment
When you let your grease traps get too dirty, you run the risk of getting in trouble because of the local health code, but more importantly, your customers might get sick. This can hurt your business in a variety of ways, not the least of which is the liability if you are found to have any violations.

Clean grease traps, on the other hand, demonstrate a professional competence that goes beyond just good business. The practice of keeping everything well-maintained saves money, lengthens the life of all your equipment, and helps your restaurant demonstrate that it is environmentally friendly. With all of those benefits, there is no good reason to run the risks that come with dirty grease traps, especially since planning a maintenance schedule that includes those regular cleanings can get them taken care of quite easily.

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